I am a self confessed Primark addict. 
I cannot get enough of the place!
Once a month or so I'll have a mass spree, where I'll trawl the store for a couple of hours to find some hidden gems. 
And oh boy do I find some gems!

There are days when I'll leave the house and eventually realise that I'm wearing an outfit entirely from Primark! 
Right down to my accessories.
I cannot count the number of times someone has asked me where my jacket/top/bag is from 
and the look of surprise on their face when I tell them, often astounds me. 
"Really?! Primark?! But it looks such good quality!" 
And why wouldn't it be?

Primark have seriously stepped up their game in the last few years, 
solidifying themselves as one of the front runners when it comes to stylish yet affordable fashion.
When you think High Street, Primark I believe, encapsulates everything that that phrase inspires.
No longer is it a dirty word of the fashion industry that was often associated with 'cheap' and 'tacky'.
(The term jumble sale was usually appropriate)
Their product, campaigns and merchandising have all come on leaps and bounds
to the point where Oxford Street in London is often a sea of recyclable paper Primark bags.

The fact that they have now branched out and over to the US just says it all really, they're ready to take on the world.
All hail Primark, may you forever reign supreme. 

Ok, so apart from my much loved Creepers which are Public Desire, everything I am wearing is from Primark, even my nails!
I saw this bodysuit in the Oxford Street store and adored the style but the colour in particular was what stood out for me the most. 
Mustard yellow is an interesting shade but I feel that dark hair, black especially, really sits well against it. 
As long as you keep the rest of the outfit relatively monochrome it gives that colour a chance to shine! 


Whilst on one of my many sprees I stumbled across this suede effect patchwork shoulder bag. 
Which was ideal as I was on the look out for an everyday bag just this size.
It's got enough pockets and internal zips to keep the essentials cosy and the depth is just perfect for slotting in my Olympus Pen camera.
Adventure days here I come. 

Now in terms of jewellery I've bought rings from Topshop before that were around £10 each, most of which ended up turning my fingers green. 
At least with Primark I'm aware that they're not exactly going to be silver plated 
and if my fingers turn a bit green, well at £2.50 for a pack of 6 rings, I'm not exactly going to complain. 

Photography - Harry Down


Bodysuit - £6
Jeans -£15
Bag - £9
Choker - £2.50
Rings - £2.50
(Current stock, bought in the last month)

Jacket - £5
Sunglasses - £1
(Old pieces from sale)

TOTAL = £41 🙌

Shoes - Public Desire

So I made a little discovery the other day in Superdrug. 
Whilst searching for a rose gold shimmer eyeshadow to replace my beloved, albeit expensive, everyday favourite 
(Body Shop Shimmer Cube Shadows are to die for, but more on that another day), I came across the mono shadows by Makeup Revolution.
Swatching several different gold/nude tones on my hand one in particular stood out for me, 
not for it's capability as a glimmering eye shadow but for it's glorious potential as a HIGHLIGHTER!

The best part? This little gem is only £1.
I'll just let that sink in...

Makeup Revolution - Mono Eyeshadow in BASE!

Champagne shimmering highlight has taken the beauty world by storm lately, with every makeup mad aficionado wanting that golden goddess glow.

BECCA Cosmetics - Jaclyn Hill's 'Champagne Pop' in particular taking the cult favourite top spot.
But at £32.00 a go it's not exactly an affordable everyday item for those of us who are financially challenged!

Don't get me wrong though, these high end beauty products are not given cult status for just any old reason.
At the end of the day you get what you pay for and sometimes you just need to splash out on the luxuries.
But if you're anything like me then wherever possible, will always be on the look out for a bargain
and with a little research a decent quality dupe can always be found!

BASE! is the perfect all round champagne glow, without bringing too much glitter to the table. 
As it is an eyeshadow the effect you get is almost like a mattified shimmer, great for an everyday highlight.

Now I was so happy with the quality and price of this mono pan that I picked up another shade -  'FINALLY...'
which was more of a rose/pink with a silver undertone, just for those days when I'm feeling like a cooler glow.

Left BASE! - Right FINALLY...
BASE! in natural light
BASE! with flash

As I have particularly oily skin I prefer to go for a matte base and powdered highlight can sometimes look a little cakey over the top of my setting powder.
Therefore I find it best to start with a creamy highlighter/illuminator, just to soften the look before layering on my powdered highlight. 
My current go to cream is the Kiko RADIANT TOUCH Creamy Stick Highlighter in Gold.

Using my finger I swipe in a circular motion across the top of the cream stick, to pick up a decent sized smattering of the product.
Then I lightly dot and blend this in a line along the tops of the cheek bones.
Taking the Zoeva 129 Luxe Fan brush I dust this across the BASE! mono shadow pan a few times.
Then gradually sweep the brush across the cheekbones, moving up and around to the outer corners of my eyes.
For a SUPER glow I will go back over the top with another application of the BASE! shadow.
Also using any excess product to highlight my brow bone, bridge of the nose and top lip.

Kiko Milano Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter


KIKO MILANO RADIANT TOUCH CREAMY STICK HIGHLIGHTER (Currently unavailable on UK site, bought in store for £7.95)


An overwhelming sense of adventure and the need to explore are constantly calling to me. 
So that's why lately I've been taking every opportunity I can get, to grab my backpack and my National Trust card 
and head out for a good old ramble about the English countryside. 

Now trekking and climbing is no easy feat so obviously I want to be comfortable, but I also want to look damn swish whilst doing it.
  That's where these NON denim, light weight poly-cotton dungarees come in. 
I love dungarees, for the ease and simplicity of just throwing them on and rocking that all in one look. 
Wear them with a plain white, long sleeved tee for instant tailored casual or bring out the denim dungas and a high neck crop for 90s classic cool. 
Heck wear them solo and don a spangly bralet just to cover your modesty!   

I picked these up over a year ago in USC, by a brand called Full Circle and I have practically lived in them ever since. 
Dungarees Don't Always Have To Be Denim 
As they're black and slightly tapered this also makes them perfect for transitioning into an evening outfit.
On Top 
Long sleeved and form fitting, my white tee is a go to match for only £2.50 from Primark. 
You can't go wrong with basics, black and white will always be in. 

I take this Navajo/tribal backpack with me on day trips as it's rather roomy and I'm just in love with the print! 
I grabbed it for £12 from Primark a while back but every time I go in they always have 
some fantastic new prints available in their bag range for an absolute steal. 
And this baby is durable, I took it to Thailand with me last year specifically for trekking adventures and now it comes on all my journeys, 
evidence of which can be found by the layers of sand still roaming around in the bottom!  

Anyone say Suede Creepers?! 
Now if you haven't already jumped on this band wagon, then you better gear up. 
Ridiculously comfortable and they just look so cool with practically everything! 
I couldn't help it and ended up ordering these in 3 different colours from Public Desire. 
Also that little flatform looks pretty great on the vertically challenged. 🙋

Photography - Harry Down (aka The Boyfriend)

DUNGAREES ❯❯ FULL CIRCLE @ USC (similar here)
TOP ❯❯ PRIMARK £2.50
BACKPACK ❯❯ PRIMARK (similar here)

Necklace ❯❯ Delilah Dust (similar here// Anklet ❯❯ souvenir from Portugal

This adventure was brought to you by the glorious landscape gardens at Stourhead.

Here we are it's officially Summer and a truly British one at that... Sun in sun out, sun in sun out, make up your mind! 
I'm craving a getaway so badly that the best I can do is slather on the bronze and give myself a mani that will my tan pop! 

So when you want something a little more snazzy than a standard lick of paint, 
but you can’t be bothered to spend hours on some fancy nail art, 
then an ombre/fade is the way to go!

It is actually really simple to do and looks so professional. Let's get started


White nail polish of your choosing (Personally find Models Own →White HyperGel ← in White Light is the best)

3 – 4 Pastel nail polishes. For a complimentary fade I have gone for mint green, duck egg blue, lilac and baby pink
AKA Models Own →Scented Fruit Pastels←  collection in Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffin, Grape Juice and Strawberry Tart
(You can also grab Models Own from Boots or Superdrug)

Sponge (makeup sponge, or any fine textured sponge will do. Grab a pack for £1 from Primark!)

Cotton buds soaked in nail varnish remover for clean-up

Top Coat to seal it all in (Sally Hanson's →Double Duty← is always a winner)

Camera to show everyone how you NAILED your mani (see what I did there…)


To make sure that those pastels truly pop, begin with a white base. 
I find Models Own Hyper Gel is one of the best White Nail Polishes I have ever used. 
Thick, rich texture and 2 coats gives great even coverage. 

When using a White polish I absolutely hate having to layer several gloopy coats of varnish before you can get rid of any patchiness! 
This is where the HyperGel has you covered, as even one thick coat of White Light is good to go.  


Once that base is dry, line up the polishes that you'll be using for your fade in order 
and make sure all of the lids are loose so that you can easily take each brush out quickly. 
Starting from the edge of the sponge layer a couple of thick even strokes of each colour, side by side across the sponge in a block. 
Ensure enough polish to cover a whole nail. 
The sponge soaks up the polish like a...well sponge! 
So you need to work quickly with the layering before it all dries out.


Once you've layered all of the colours in a block, (and whilst the polish is still wet) take the sponge and press lightly into the first nail. 
Now there will still be residue on the sponge to enable you to 'stipple and roll' the sponge 
onto any areas of the nail that the first application didn't cover. 
The rolling action will cover every side of the nail and the stipple will help blend the colours together into a gradual fade!
But try not to over do it! The sponge dries quickly and pressing down too much 
can leave lumps and bumps on the nail. 
So if it starts to dry out simply top up the colour block with more polish.  

2 coats of pastel block from your sponge will give the below effect. 
Want it darker? Simply add more layers until you achieve the shade you want!


Once you've successfully covered the first nail with your chosen colours, 
repeat on all of your other nails, making sure to 'refill' the sponge each time! 
Don't worry if the texture doesn't seem very smooth or sleek, that's what your top coat is for! 

The sponge application can get messy, so once you're done grab your cotton soaked bud 
and wipe around the edges of your nails for any necessary cleanup! 


To ensure that your ombre seamlessly blends into each shade, make sure to seal it all in with a Top Coat. 
Sally Hanson's Double Duty is durable and gives a fabulously smooth, glossy finish. 
Upon application there may be some bleed between the colours 
so make sure your nails are fully dry before adding the top coat. 

Now sit back and bask in the glory of your fabulous new mani!


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