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An overwhelming sense of adventure and the need to explore are constantly calling to me. 
So that's why lately I've been taking every opportunity I can get, to grab my backpack and my National Trust card 
and head out for a good old ramble about the English countryside. 

Now trekking and climbing is no easy feat so obviously I want to be comfortable, but I also want to look damn swish whilst doing it.
  That's where these NON denim, light weight poly-cotton dungarees come in. 
I love dungarees, for the ease and simplicity of just throwing them on and rocking that all in one look. 
Wear them with a plain white, long sleeved tee for instant tailored casual or bring out the denim dungas and a high neck crop for 90s classic cool. 
Heck wear them solo and don a spangly bralet just to cover your modesty!   

I picked these up over a year ago in USC, by a brand called Full Circle and I have practically lived in them ever since. 
Dungarees Don't Always Have To Be Denim 
As they're black and slightly tapered this also makes them perfect for transitioning into an evening outfit.
On Top 
Long sleeved and form fitting, my white tee is a go to match for only £2.50 from Primark. 
You can't go wrong with basics, black and white will always be in. 

I take this Navajo/tribal backpack with me on day trips as it's rather roomy and I'm just in love with the print! 
I grabbed it for £12 from Primark a while back but every time I go in they always have 
some fantastic new prints available in their bag range for an absolute steal. 
And this baby is durable, I took it to Thailand with me last year specifically for trekking adventures and now it comes on all my journeys, 
evidence of which can be found by the layers of sand still roaming around in the bottom!  

Anyone say Suede Creepers?! 
Now if you haven't already jumped on this band wagon, then you better gear up. 
Ridiculously comfortable and they just look so cool with practically everything! 
I couldn't help it and ended up ordering these in 3 different colours from Public Desire. 
Also that little flatform looks pretty great on the vertically challenged. 🙋

Photography - Harry Down (aka The Boyfriend)

DUNGAREES ❯❯ FULL CIRCLE @ USC (similar here)
TOP ❯❯ PRIMARK £2.50
BACKPACK ❯❯ PRIMARK (similar here)

Necklace ❯❯ Delilah Dust (similar here// Anklet ❯❯ souvenir from Portugal

This adventure was brought to you by the glorious landscape gardens at Stourhead.