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I am a self confessed Primark addict. 
I cannot get enough of the place!
Once a month or so I'll have a mass spree, where I'll trawl the store for a couple of hours to find some hidden gems. 
And oh boy do I find some gems!

There are days when I'll leave the house and eventually realise that I'm wearing an outfit entirely from Primark! 
Right down to my accessories.
I cannot count the number of times someone has asked me where my jacket/top/bag is from 
and the look of surprise on their face when I tell them, often astounds me. 
"Really?! Primark?! But it looks such good quality!" 
And why wouldn't it be?

Primark have seriously stepped up their game in the last few years, 
solidifying themselves as one of the front runners when it comes to stylish yet affordable fashion.
When you think High Street, Primark I believe, encapsulates everything that that phrase inspires.
No longer is it a dirty word of the fashion industry that was often associated with 'cheap' and 'tacky'.
(The term jumble sale was usually appropriate)
Their product, campaigns and merchandising have all come on leaps and bounds
to the point where Oxford Street in London is often a sea of recyclable paper Primark bags.

The fact that they have now branched out and over to the US just says it all really, they're ready to take on the world.
All hail Primark, may you forever reign supreme. 

Ok, so apart from my much loved Creepers which are Public Desire, everything I am wearing is from Primark, even my nails!
I saw this bodysuit in the Oxford Street store and adored the style but the colour in particular was what stood out for me the most. 
Mustard yellow is an interesting shade but I feel that dark hair, black especially, really sits well against it. 
As long as you keep the rest of the outfit relatively monochrome it gives that colour a chance to shine! 


Whilst on one of my many sprees I stumbled across this suede effect patchwork shoulder bag. 
Which was ideal as I was on the look out for an everyday bag just this size.
It's got enough pockets and internal zips to keep the essentials cosy and the depth is just perfect for slotting in my Olympus Pen camera.
Adventure days here I come. 

Now in terms of jewellery I've bought rings from Topshop before that were around £10 each, most of which ended up turning my fingers green. 
At least with Primark I'm aware that they're not exactly going to be silver plated 
and if my fingers turn a bit green, well at £2.50 for a pack of 6 rings, I'm not exactly going to complain. 

Photography - Harry Down


Bodysuit - £6
Jeans -£15
Bag - £9
Choker - £2.50
Rings - £2.50
(Current stock, bought in the last month)

Jacket - £5
Sunglasses - £1
(Old pieces from sale)

TOTAL = £41 🙌

Shoes - Public Desire