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Would you believe that to achieve the perfect set of false nails it will cost you less than £5?!
Even more incredible is that the nails themselves will only set you back £1!!

Now If I had £1 for every single time I’ve received comments and compliments on my nails well... 
I'd be swimming around in my money filled pool right about now laughing maniacally at my new found riches.
Ok maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration but you get the point, IT'S A LOT!

"What are these fabulous nails you speak of?!" I can almost hear the chanting.
Well, they're Primark. Yes you read that right, PRIMARK!
The holy grail of budget fashion and now beauty.

Similar to this post here where I talk about my undying love for Primark fashion, I also cannot express enough just how much I LOVE their false nails range!

(Let me take a break here to point out that in no way am I being sponsored by Primark for this, I am just a massive fan and an extreme Primani addict! 
But hey Primark, if you’re listening, walking talking advertisement here, let’s do business 😉 )

I’ve been using the Primark nails for about 2 years now but it’s only been in the last 6 months or so that I’ve been practically LIVING in them! 
Mainly because I have gotten so lazy with doing my acrylics and these are just always so much quicker to pop on
and can last about as long as a set of acrylics do.

All you really need to get the perfect set of nails every single time.
 A pack of Primark false nails (£1), a decent nail glue (Nailene £2.79) and a nail file (Pack £1.09). Plus all of this will cost you less than £5!

On average I find these nails will stay on for about 3 weeks before a nail will pop off and even then I just glue the escaped nail back on to make the set last even longer!
I can usually make a set of these nails last me an entire month before I decide to take them off for a breather.

Now the Primark packs do come with nail adhesive which will work well but I personally find that using the Nailene Ultra Quick works better. 
It's a stronger glue and makes your nails last even longer.
Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue does exactly what it says on the pack! 
It's SUPER adhesive and sets in seconds and is one of the better brands of nail glues that I have used.
Want to know how to get the best out of your falsies?

Scroll down for the in depth How To!


Hands – Your own, someone else’s, whatever floats your boat! 
You've got to practice somehow
False Nails – Head down to your local Primark to pick up a few sets of nails! 
They’re bound to have something available but if you really want a jaw dropping selection go to the Bristol or London Oxford Street stores.
Nail Adhesive – To ensure those bad boys stay well and truly glued to your natural nails opt for the Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue
Nail File – Grab a pack of Emery Boards from Superdrug for less than £2


Open up your packet and marvel at your soon to be new nails!

Once you’ve recovered from all that excitement it’s time to start size matching.

Now being ‘cheap’ nails they are not numbered on the underside of the nail tip, so in terms of matching up nail sizes
I find it best to carefully remove the nails that have been stored in the middle of the pack, as these have usually been paired up on top of each other.
So for example the largest sized ‘thumb’ nail pieces will most likely have their corresponding twin directly underneath.
If you take the nails apart two by two this means you are more likely to have matching sets of nails for your left and right fingers.
Also the nails displayed in the circular part of the packaging have a size match with the nail sat directly opposite them so that you can use these too.  


Select a pair of nails that look as though they will match (maybe start with the thumb and work your way along) 
and roughly place one of them on your nail starting at the base of the nail bed near the cuticle. 
You’ll know whether it is a perfect fit or not as there won’t be too much over hang either side of the nail/equally not too much nail showing on each side 
and the base of the falsie will almost cup your nail bed as though it were made for you!
To check you haven’t got too much visible natural nail, whilst holding the false one in place, 
pull the skin down from the sides of the nail to check that it looks covered.

I tend to clear out the nail sizes that most definitely do not fit and keep them to one side.
Turn the plastic lid of the packing upside down and chuck them in there.
TOP TIP: Keep hold of the spares though as you never know when you might need an emergency nail fix and any larger nails can always be filed down to the right size.

Once you feel as though you have found the right size for your thumb nails, 
place these falsies to one side on top of each so you can keep the matching pairs together. 
Remember that even if you can’t find an exact match the next best thing to do is choose a nail that is ever so slightly bigger as this can always be filed down to fit.
Move on to the Index fingers and so on, repeating the size matching process until you feel you have found the right set of nails for your hands! 

Line up your chosen nails ready for the application.


This is the point where you will need to go back and file any of the nails that were slightly too big. 
I usually always have a few that I need to reshape, mainly because I’m a perfectionist and just want them to look like they were my real nails!

Take your nail file and lightly shave off some of the edges of the false nail. 
Don’t forget to keep checking the size with your natural nail to make sure you haven’t taken off too much!
If necessary you may also need to reshape the base to match your own cuticle.


Give yourself a mini mani. Push back those cuticles, file rough edges and buff away any loose/dead skin.
I will also usually file the edges of my nail inwards slightly to reduce visibility of the natural nail once the false one has been applied.

Before you start gluing, prep your natural nails by filing away the top layer with the coarse grit side of an emery board. 
This technique is used for acrylic nails as the freshly abrasive nail surface then gives the acrylic something to cling on to, making them last longer.
Therefore I use this method for glue on nails too as I feel as though it helps to prolong their wear.


Now for the fun and potentially sticky part. Time to glue on those fabulous falsies!

Now as it says on the Nailene packet, this glue sets in less than 3 seconds and it is just that quick! Super. Glue.
There have been many incidents where I have stuck my own fingers together and had to peel layers of solidified glue off of my hands and nails.
Which was secretly rather satisfying.
So the phrase a little goes a long way could not be more accurate here. 

Start with your thumb (left or right it doesn't matter) and pick up the carefully selected thumb nail size that you placed out earlier.
Now turn this over so that you have the curved underside of the nail showing.
Here you will only need to put glue on the bottom third of the false nail, near where the cuticle will meet.

Take your nail glue and carefully squeeze a few drops out onto the base of the false nail.
Use the nib of the applicator to smooth the glue across the entire width of the nail to make sure every angle is covered.


Now hold the false nail in between your index finger and thumb, near the top so as to avoid getting in contact with the glue.
Carefully flip this over. 
Line it up with the cuticle and base of your natural nail and place down. 
This is the point where if you think you’ve misaligned it you will literally only have seconds to quickly pull it off and place it again!  
Press down on the newly applied thumb nail for about 5 seconds to hold and secure it in place. 
I would also use the thumb on my opposite hand just smooth out across the nail, to make sure the glue gets evenly spread around underneath.
If necessary you may need a bit of tissue on hand to wipe up any glue that may have escaped out of the sides of the nail upon application.

That’s the first nail done! 
Time to move on to the index finger and follow suit. 
Same method again carefully flip over the false nail once the glue has been applied and align on to your natural nail, press down to secure!
Repeat until you have completed the first hand and then move on to the next!

TOP TIP: After every few uses of the nail glue use a bit of tissue to quickly wipe up the excess glue from around the applicator nib.
Too many times I have had to go out and buy more 
because the cap has been impenetrably cemented on to the nozzle, due to excess frickin’ glue!!

On average the whole process should take less than half an hour.
Unless you happen to be watching Netflix at the same time and absent-mindedly glue a nail to your knuckles.

Depending on how much of a rush you’re in you could stick them all on in less than 10 minutes, I’ve done it on a train before and the result is still pretty good.

Now go forth into the world with your snazzy new nails and sashay, away!  


  1. These are amazing.. One of my friends has been banging on about the primary nails saying they're the best she's tried, will need to give them a go!

    Much love,

  2. Thank you! They really are the best! I think a lot of people know about them but just don't know how good they really are! Definitely worth it for £1 💕

  3. This are the best. I love the design.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog www.rochellefox.com.au and my latest VLOG

    1. They really are! And so inexpensive! Thanks for the love x

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