So fright night is almost upon us and as our good friend Cady Heron once said, 
"Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it".
(Now if you don't already realise that this is of course a Mean Girls quote, then where have you been!?)
Queue the hoards of latex cats, sexy witches and dirty devils because what is Halloween without some lingerie and animal ears!?

Aside from some of the usual costume choices, one of the best parts about dressing up for the main event is the finishing touches that complete the whole look. 
The MAKEUP and the NAILS!

I swear this year has been bigger and better than ever in the beauty world for Halloween creativity.
I've seen some incredible masterpieces floating around the social media blogosphere and it's giving me so much inspiration.

So lets get crafty.

🎃  👻  ⚰  🕷  🗡


Nail Polish - 3 different orange shades. I went with - OPI Rising Star (similar HERE), Barry M Tangerine 136 (similar HERE) and Models Own Orange Sorbet (similar HERE)
 - A green shade like Barry M's Spring Green (similar HERE)
(Ok somehow I managed to use colours that are all no longer available 🙈 unless you can dig deep on ebay or Amazon! The alternatives linked above will work just as well.)
Nail art pen - Preferably one with a brush and pen nib like Models Own Artstix Nail Art Pen in black (Similar HERE)
A sponge - grab a pack of makeup sponges from Primark for £1!
Top Coat - To seal in your creation of course! Try the Seche Vite Dry Fast
Nail polish remover and some cotton buds for any necessary cleanup


Now instead of just going for a plain orange base I thought I'd mix it up between a metallic gold, shimmer and neon orange to give a ghoulishly good ombre fade.

Starting with the metallic gold for the base, once that's dry use a corner of the makeup sponge to dab in the second colour (I used the Barry M Tangerine). 
Starting from the tip of the nail and working 3/4 of the way down. 
Again once dry you can move on to the third colour (neon orange) and blend in with the sponge to halfway down the nail. 

For a detailed explanation of how to achieve the best ombre fade, check out my previous nail tutorial HERE


Once the last shade of your ombre fade has dried, it's time to start getting nifty with your nail art pen.
For the jack o'lanterns I decided to alternate the design on my index and ring finger, leaving my middle and little finger for the green slime/drips.

The Models Own Artstix pen has a very long thin brush inside the main tube, which is ideal for creating some fine lines.
For that textured pumpkin look I wanted to add some 'grooves' for the base. 
Using the nail art brush, wipe off as much excess as possible so that the lines will come out more faded and not so bold.
Gently glide the brush from the cuticle base, in a swift motion halfway down towards the nail tip.


Now for the faces! This is where the nail pen nib will come in handy. I find it easier to draw small details with the pointed tip.

Just be prepared for a lot of product to come out if you squeeze too hard! So gently apply pressure until a little polish comes out to enable you to daw like you would with a pen!

TOP TIP: Sometimes nail art pens can get clogged up so use a little pin or needle to pierce through the back log!


Start with 2 inverted triangles midway along the nail for the eyes and add another slightly misshapen triangle just below for the nose! 

I say misshapen because I think it looks a little better that it isn't too polished. 
When you're carving pumpkins you don't always get the lines absolutely perfect, it gives it a more raw authentic look!
Same goes for the 'crooked' mouth, draw out the jagged outline with the pen before filling in.

I went for slightly different faces on each nail too so get creative and express your pumpkins however you see fit! 😜 


Now grab your green shade for the slimey drips. 
I actually just used the brush that comes with the polish to draw out these drips. As long as you don't have too much product on the brush it makes it easier to carve out the edges.
You can just use a fine art brush to draw the lines if you want a more detailed look.

Use the thinnest edge of the brush to weave it up and down along the nail, near to the cuticle, to create your desired drippy look.
Once you have your outline, simply fill in rest of the shape with the green polish.  

Now for this rather epic (if I do say so myself 😉 ) thumb nail piece. 
I was seriously winging it here, I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted it to look like but mostly I was just going with the flow!
The idea was for a creepy, bare, lone tree on a hill with a spooky sunset.
This was relatively easy to achieve as I used the pen nib of the Models Own nail art pen.

If you want to go for something similar, sketch out the edges of the tree first and you can always add in any extras like a fence, moon, etc. later. 
To get the almost faded hand drawn effect, use the metal edges of the pen nib, with no product involved, to scratch out some of the black polish.
Anywhere you want light and shade simply fill in thicker or scratch off with the pen edge for the desired effect.

Once everything has dried, use a top coat to seal it all in. 
I'm currently loving the Seche Vite top coat as it's super thick and has a great glossy finish.

Voila, the finished look! 💅

Let me know if you've got any crafty nail ideas for Halloween or how your own looks turned out!

Enjoy your fright night weekend however you plan on spending it.

So as I’m writing this post it is piddling it down with rain and I'm wrapped up in a blanket. 
Definitely not the same glorious weather as the day I shot this look. Which was only a few days ago soooo where is the sun at now?! 

Anyway this particular story is all about my search for the perfect over the knee boots and maybe there's some other clothes involved too. We'll see how it goes.
I’ve been hunting high and low for a decent pair of comfortable FLAT, thigh high boots for so long. 
Looking in particular for a pair that won't make me look even more stumpy than I already am. 🙈
 Being 5ft2 with muscular calves definitely has its disadvantages when it comes to long/over the knee boots, as it seems like most of them were made for super slim women! 
The amount of times I’ve ordered fabulous looking boots online and gone to try them on only to be defeated by the zip halfway up. 
It just won’t close around my ‘wholesome’ calves!
It’s so disappointing, especially when you’ve had your heart set on a nice pair and spent days dreaming about the moment they will arrive on your doorstep!
One of the pitfalls of online shopping, hoping they will look as good as the damn flawless biatch in the picture.


Every now and then I love to have a good old rummage around my local TKMaxx store. 
As everything is usually old season stock and there are so many different brands, after a good hunt around you can usually find some real gems! 
It’s like diving into a charity shop or jumble sale, you’ve got to be prepared to wade through the mish-mash of random sizes and one off pieces until you find the buried treasure.

So after some serious trawling through the endless racks of shoes, I spotted the potentials, hanging down from a precariously placed clip hanger.  
Flat, over the knee boots, with gold buckle detail and a tassel hanging down from each side. 
The fact they were only £20 reduced from £65 had me swooning even harder, now the real test was to see if they actually fit my legs!

I picked up my usual size 4 and prayed for the best. The fact that I was also wearing trousers I couldn't roll up didn't help the situation either! 
I was pretty sure that I would get stuck in them and have to be cut out by the sales assistants. 
But hey when has a little worry like that ever stopped a woman on a search for the perfect pair of boots!?

Well as these pictures can confirm, they FIIIT!
Thankfully I've lost a bit of weight recently and my calves seem to have slimmed down so they fit like a glove! 
Happy dance ensued. Boyfriend embarrassed. Straight in my basket they went.


Now this little bodycon mini dress has been a staple in my wardrobe for some time now. 
I bought it a couple of years ago from Missguided, back when they used to have the most awesome selection of ‘basics’ that were pretty much always under a tenner. 
It was a high neck jersey style mini dress, that came in several different colours for about £8. 
So naturally, me being the sort of person who will “have that in every colour please!”, I bought it in khaki and black too. 
You know so I'd have options 😉 
These pictures don’t quite show it but the dress is actually sleeveless so I find it super easy to either wear by itself or just layer underneath jumpers and jackets.
Throwing my trusty waterfall jacket on just breaks up the clean lines a little and gives the whole look a contrasting shape. 


Ok so I'm probably far too short to have 'legs for days' but hey I feel like these boots could possibly get me half way there!
They just seem to make my legs look longer and I don't usually like getting them out. 
So anything that makes me feel good about a part of my body I dislike is a winner in my books.

I’m obsessed with chokers! Let it be known far and wide, I cannot get enough of them.
I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore any sort of lengthy necklace that came down past my collar bone. 
They just decorate your neck so much better and break up your whole outfit in a way that long chains can't sometimes.
This snazzy little number is from Lamoda and I’ve had my eye on it for a while, especially as it has been cropping up all over their INSTAGRAM lately.
It was less than a fiver but it’s just taken me so damn long to actually purchase it! 
I think I was probably waiting for a discount code or sale so that I could grab several cheapy items all at once. 😏
Yeah, actually come to think of it that is exactly what I did. I believe free delivery may have been involved also.

Photography by

Hope you're enjoying your day my loves, wherever you may be! 
And remember, the quest for the perfect over the knee boots is a long and winding road but you will get there, I believe in you. Good Luck!


CHOKER ❯❯ LAMODA (Sold out 😭  similar from Lamoda HERE)
NAILS & RINGS ❯❯ PRIMARK £1 & £2.50

Autumnal shades to get you into the swing of those colder days and longer nights snuggled up under a blanket!

Now I love painting my nails and I have a ridiculously large polish collection, so picking out my top 4 colours for this season was hard!
Thought I would go for a mix of highstreet brands that are good quality yet affordable. 
Also a selection of shades from cool to warm tones that will match any outfit.

So here are my best picks for fall fabulous nails. 

Gosh Cosmetics - Denim Delight 627
A beautiful 'denim' hued blue with grey undertones. I fell in love with this shade the first time I laid eyes on it! 
It's one of those polishes that is true to the shade you see in the bottle and one thick coat will cover nice and evenly.
It's my new favourite blue and really does go well with denim!
Throw on a cream cable knit jumper for some sassy contrast.

Barry M - Gelly Hi-Shine in Chilli 439

Does what it says on the tin! 
High shine is exactly what you get from these nail paints, a couple of coats will evenly cover with colour and bring out that solid shine.
Now I'm feeling like this picture does not do this shade justice. 
I just couldn't seem to pick up on camera the deep rusty tone that runs through this polish.
It's not a typical red, there is a burnt brick hue that comes out in this shade especially if you coat with a couple of layers. 
Perfect to reflect the autumnal colour changes we see in the leaves this time of year! 🍂

WAH London Nails - Mom's Army

Move over there's a new khaki shade in town. 
Now I've been following the WAH nails INSTAGRAM account for years. 
So when I found out that Sharmadean Reid (Owner and mega boss babe of WAH Nails) was going to be bringing out a polish collection, I got ridiculously excited.
This subtle almost pastel Khaki shade caught my eye immediately and I just had to have it!
Thick in coverage and gives a fabulous even finish. 
One solid coat will do the job but I always like to go for 2 just to fully appreciate the colour.
My new favourite green hue and what is autumn without some Khaki!?

Maybelline Color Show - Midnight Taupe 549

A cool toned brown shade with mauvey highlights.
I feel that darker brown colours are often overlooked for nails, you don't always immediately think of a brown shade when choosing your paint!
That's why opting for a brown that is on the purple end of the spectrum gives you the best of both worlds.

The Maybelline Color Show range of polishes are cheap and cheerful whilst still giving great coverage. At £2.99 you can't go wrong
Only tip, give it a good shake before use as the product can separate over time.

Here I did 2 layers of the Midnight Taupe. 
The best part? It matches so many of my nude/brown toned lipsticks, it's perfect! 

So which is your favourite colour!? 
Let me know if you have any other recommendations, I'm always up for expanding my nail polish collection!


WAH London - Mom's Army
Barry M - Chilli
Maybelline Color Show - Midnight Taupe

I know, I know, officially it's Autumn but I just had to make the most of the last few warm rays of sun left and get my legs out one last time.
The last few weeks have been that awkward transition period, where it's starting to get too cold to leave the house without some kind of jacket. 
But at the same time still too warm for the trusty winter coat!

Enter the lightweight all purpose parka. 
I had been searching everywhere for a jacket/coat that wasn't too thick and heavy but was still substantial enough to give me some kind of warmth. 
Also a jacket that was the kind of style that would go with everything. 
So when I was perusing my local H&M one day and I spotted THIS beauty I knew it was meant to be.
The fact that it was £30 and came in 4 other to die for colours had me sold even more.

There's pockets, zips, toggles, poppers, a hood! What more could you want from an all signing all dancing jacket?!
Seriously though, I'm in love with this parka.
It's the perfect length that it just covers your bum, the sleeves are adjustable and you can cinch in the waist with the side toggles to create a shapely silhouette if you're feeling saucy. 💁

The one I chose is the black parka and it's almost got a muted suede effect to the colour so that the fabric looks textured, even though it's really just polyester! 
Win win for extra style points!
Anyway the overall point I'm trying to make here is that I've finally found my ideal throw on jacket for (almost) all seasons!


Whilst trawling through ASOS during their end of summer sale I came across this cute little transparent backpack by Skinnydip London and it was reduced to £13.50. 
I just had to get it for my holiday to Ibiza a few weeks ago and it's been glued to my back ever since! 

For little day trips out it's a great size for the essentials.
There's also a little black purse attached to poppers on the inside of the bag so you can hide away all your valuables.
Annnnnnd a cute pink fluffy pom pom accessory just makes it even more sassy! 


It was a fabulous sunny day here so I still got to whip the sunnies out. 
The highly sought after Shay x Quay Vesper Sunglasses and I still cant' believe that I managed to get hold of them for £10 on ASOS!
Quay Australia are slaying the Sunglasses game right now. Ever since Gigi Hadid and a whole host of other celebs were seen in the blue mirrored My Girl sunnies, (if you don't know check them here) everyone has been after some Quay!
So last year when I heard they were doing a collaboration with Shay Mitchell, goddess woman, I wanted to get my mitts on the collection.
The white Vesper sunnies in particular were every blogger's dream but they were also sold out everywhere and being limited edition meant they were nearly impossible to get hold of.
Until a few months ago, I randomly stumbled across them on ASOS and they were also reduced to just £10!! 
I've never clicked add to basket and check out so fast in my life. Now they are mine, they're here and they are on my face! 😎
Life complete.

The fact that you can still get your sunnies out on a bright winters day just makes my win even more glorious. 
They're all year round baby!




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