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Goodbye Cotton.Candy.Queen you will be missed...kind of.

So I've been in a rut for quite a while now. In fact even attempting to write this post just feels so difficult.
A once eloquent wordsmith, I found crafting a piece of writing easy, words flowed effortlessly from my mind and out onto this virtual paper. But now every sentence, every phrase just feels so overly processed and stilted, as though I'm at the starting line of a race running only halfway and then heading back to the beginning again to start over because I didn't get it quite right the first time round.
You might be thinking that this actually seems pretty well put together but honestly these few paragraphs have taken me over a month to write.
So why is this suddenly so hard? I'm still trying to figure that out.
Partially I believe that its because I'm feeling a little lost in myself, since going away to travel and coming back again, something is just missing and I don't feel whole. But that is an entirely different conversation for another post...

Back to the initial point at hand! Lately I've been feeling as though it is time for a new chapter.
Every single time I look at my Blogger and Instagram name, it makes me cringe. Just so Myspace/Tumblr it hurts, to the point where I'm half expecting to see pink hearts start falling from the top of my screen and a 'My Top 8 friends' widget slotted into the sidebar.
Ahh the good old days, I wonder how Myspace Tom is doing??

I initially started this blog 5 years ago, at a time when I was experimenting with my hair to the point of looking like a neon pink troll doll. Dark, dark days 😒

So after finally getting to my goal of pastel, cotton candy pink hair, this blog and little space on the internet was born and I began documenting my musings under Cotton.Candy.Queen.
I created my Instagram account around the same time and wanted to post/blog about how I got my hair to that desireable pastel pink.
Now if you've ever tried to go from naturally very dark hair to any kind of light pastel shade, then you'll know that heavy bleach damage will inevitably be involved and because of that my hair hasn't been pink in over 3 years.
So little miss "Cotton.Candy.Queen" *winces* is no longer really relevant. Who knows why I even clung onto it for so long after my pastel locks departed from my life.
I thought it sounded cute? Different. Ohh eww no.
Truth is I've outgrown it, I'm a different person now and it no longer resonates with me or what I'm about.

Therefore in the spirit of New Year, New Me and all, I'm introducing my refreshed and rebooted blog:

Well, it's my name! (full being Philippa Jade Duma) and I feel that this blog and what I want to write about is an extension of me and my identity. So why not brand this website as such, it is my name after all and it's not exactly going anywhere.
Plus it's got a nice ring to it and it looks good on paper 😉

Welcome to the new and improved Pip J Duma.
A place for Coveted Beauty, Fierce Style and Lustful Travels. I hope you'll sit and stay a while, finding some inspiration along the way.


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  1. Love the whole new look girl! Kick-starting 2018 with a bang! xxxxx


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