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Any time a major holiday season approaches, we all seem to frantically rush around throwing money at retailers as if it's going out of fashion.
There is often a huge pressure to find the ultimate present and it can cause us to lose touch with the real meaning behind these gift giving holidays!

Especially around Valentine's Day, it's almost expected that you should be showering your loved one with an array of gifts just to prove how much they mean to you.
Let's face it, often resulting in piles of unwanted lingerie and sexy dice games that will inevitably mount up in your closet, never to be used again.
Aaaand maybe even those useless candy underpants, that you'll possibly scoff to yourself one night whilst crying into a jug of prosecco...

The point is, Valentine's Day doesn't automatically have to result in mountains of teddy bears, bouquets and chocolates. It also doesn't necessarily mean more = better.
Living in such a throw away society where we accumulate so much unnecessary junk, our money is often quite literally wasted.
Therefore a special gift from the heart that you know your partner will cherish for a long time is all you ever really need to give.
Even if that is simply a handmade card and a stash of love tokens. (Here's looking at you Joey Tribbiani 😉)

So what could be a more special than those (completely thoughtless) candy underpants I hear you ask?!
Enter JORD and their incredibly unique wooden watches. Beautifully handcrafted timepieces that will never go out of style and also a practical gift that doubles up as a stunning accessory.

Stay tuned for an incredible giveaway at the end of this post!!

Rose gold wooden watch

Valentines Day Unique Gift

Now to be perfectly honest I hadn’t ever really heard of the concept of a ‘wood watch’ before, until I saw the JORD brand. Genuinely didn’t know it was a thing…Have I been living a sheltered life?!

Anyway I came across JORD on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the designs of these beautiful watches and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there's no better time to discover the uniqueness of these beauties! 
100% natural wood, Sapphire crystal glass and offering stunning designs for both men and women.
You can even get your chosen watch engraved with a personalised message, making these wooden wonders an even more special and thoughtful gift!

I honestly cannot get over the impeccable build quality and craftsmanship of these watches.
You can tell that an incredible amount of thought and care has gone into the overall design of these timepieces. Even down to the packaging and beautiful Cedar Wood Storage box that the watch comes in.  
For me it’s all the little touches that make JORD stand out, like the magnetic close mechanism on the watch box, the handy storage drawer at it’s base, signature 'J' embossed on the wooden tag and watch dial, plus the cleaning cloths and wood finishing oil for aftercare! 
You name it, JORD have thought of everything. Every little luxury and tool at your disposal so that your watch will quite literally stand the test of time!  

Jord Cassia Watch
The Walnut and Vintage Rose , Cassia range.
Womens Wooden Watch

Jewellery Storage Box

My watch:

The Walnut and Vintage Rose from the Cassia range.
I'm completely obsessed with the rose gold fascia on this watch and the stunning dark walnut used for the wood. One of the more feminine wooden watches JORD offers, the Cassia range is characterised by it's large face and thinner strap band.
As I've been lusting after an oversized watch for some time now, I'm just so happy to finally have one in my collection.
I've always felt that a classic watch really does complete an outfit, whilst also providing effortless style and practicality to boot!

Styling a wooden watch

Now I love nothing more than to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend, especially on Valentine's day, one that I've taken time and care to pick out just for him. So that when he finally opens it I can see the happiness and excitement on his face, the same joy that I've found in picking it out for him. That right there is what the art of giving is really about, seeking joy and happiness in lighting up someone's day by sharing a piece of your heart with them. 

So this Valentine's Day why not consider a uniquely crafted timepiece for your significant other? Or heck even just for yourself because we're celebrating LOVE here and damn you're worth it!
Whether you’re loved up, on a Galentine or flying solo, don't forget that it is perfectly acceptable to also treat yo'self on Valentine's Day! Whether that be with something sweet, an indulgent spa day or investing in a unique new time piece.

I am a firm believer in the concept that you truly cannot begin to love someone else if you can't even love yourself. So with that in mind, don't forget to also show yourself some love on February 14th!

winter styling for women

moody tones girl


SO I've partnered up with JORD to bring you guys an incredible opportunity to win $100 gift code towards your own watch!
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As a thank you for entering, EVERYONE who submits a form will also be given a 10% discount once the giveaway is over.
The closing date is 25/02/2018 so make sure you sign up quick!

Good luck beauts!

*This post is in collaboration with JORD Wood Watches but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own*

Luxury Wooden Watch


  1. I've never heard of these before but they're absolutely gorgeous, thanks for the chance to win, I've just entered!- https://sophiehearts.net x

    1. They are just so stunning right!? Thanks girl, good luck! xxx

  2. Your Photos are absolutely stunning! That watch looks amazing, I really like unique pieces of jewellery and accessories so this is perfect for my style and would definitely be a perfect gift for valentines day.

    Jordanne // Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much love! They are beautiful, definitely something a little different to the usual watches you see! xxx

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