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Who's That Girl

Now most people call me Pip and my closest friends and family call me Pippy (cute 😊 ).
Formally I'll be Philippa and in hearing that you'll probably want to try and shorten it to Pippa.
I'm the girl with a thousand nicknames and the girl who will always try to be nothing short of her very best self, regardless of what you want to call me 😉

I'm an artist, a musician and a Jane of all trades creative so the need to craft my way through life is strong. 
I will always attempt to do something myself first, *Googles how to code own website*....3 hours later *Throws laptop out the window*.
I believe that if I can access the right tools then I can always learn how and pick up a new skill along the way!

Now is it cliched to say I LOVE FASHION, MAKEUP, BEAUTY AND ALL THINGS GIRLY, yes, yes it is. But I don't care because I own that and painting my face for 2 hours just to pop out to Superdrug is worth it to me. I am an artisteeee after all.
Final and most notable thing to know about this ol' gal is that I am the QUEEN of holiday bargain hunting. I have an incredible knack of finding cheap getaways and I don't consider travel a luxury, for me it is a necessity, like breathing. The world needs to be explored and I just want to see as much of it as I possibly can whilst I am able.

So I welcome you to my humble abode, PIP J DUMA.
A place for Coveted Beauty, Fierce Style and Lustful Travels. 
We will probably also have a discussion or two about the importance of Mental Health and taking care of you, as this is a subject very close to my heart.

I hope you'll sit and stay a while, finding some inspiration along the way.